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New fashion in dental services

Not that long ago, a new „fashion” regarding dental services appeared. Before, if somebody was looking for a dentist, most probably would end up in a dentist clinic located on the neighbouring street. Nowadays, more and more people decide to travel abroad in order to take care of their teeth. How does it work in practice? What are the trends of this so called dental tourism?

First of all, such dental travels usually happen between neighbouring countries. It is pretty obvious that nobody would travel to other part of the word only to take care of the teeth. It would take too much time and, obviously, would be way to expensive. Therefore, such trips happen to the countries located much closer. It is important that one country is much cheaper than the other one. For example, people from the United States of America, usually travel to use dental services in Brazil. People who lives in Australia, would most probably travel to one of the countries in South-East Asia. Obviously, it would not be well developed and expensive Singapore, but such countries as for example Malaysia or Thailand. It looks similarly in Europe, where people from so called “old European Union” travels to “new” European Union countries. For example, people from Germany most probably would travel to neighbouring Poland, while people from Austria would probably visit dental clinics in Slovakia or Czech Republic.
dental implants poland
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Although there are many different factors why people decide to travel for medical treatment abroad, the main one is definitely the price. The price difference of dental services between particular countries is often so high, that it is cheaper to pay for flight tickets, hotel and all other cost related to travelling, that treating teeth in the “expensive” country of origin. Even though many people think it is all about savings, sometimes it is not. For example, there are some dental services that are so expensive, that many people simply cannot afford it in their own countries. For example, dental implants are really expensive all over the world, but in Poland might be cheaper. If middle income person who cannot afford such dental implants in his / her own country, such dental tourism can be a real help for him / her – .

Otherwise, such person would probably stay with no tooth at all, as dental implants are usually non refunded within standard insurances. Therefore, such dental tourism is not only about services. It is also about getting the access to some dental services, as already mentioned dental implants, by people who couldn’t afford it otherwise.

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