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New type of travel you should try

Many people, while thinking about holidays, think mostly about relax, museums, sandy beaches, mountains and so on. Obviously, this type of spending holidays requires not only plenty of free time, but also money. However, there is a new type of travels that allows to save money which later can be spend of holiday activities.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?
Autor: Elliott Brown
This type of travel is widely known as dental travel. The idea of this is pretty simple – people travel to countries where dental services are cheaper than in country of origin. Even though you might not believe in it, prices of dental services among different countries are very significant. Even in countries that are located very close to each other, prices might be totally different. Good example might be the European Union. Dental services in so called “old” European Union countries (for example Germany, the United Kingdom, France or Denmark) are much higher, than in countries located in Central or Eastern Europe. Therefore, more and more people make a decision to use dental services in for example Poland. Obviously, if you come from another country, it requires travelling. However, difference in prices of dental services is often so high, that it is still worth. Even after purchasing flight tickets, paying for accommodation and covering all other costs related to such travel, it is still cheaper than taking care of teeth in one of these “expensive” countries. Obviously, such basic calculation works in cases when somebody decides to cure more than just one tooth, but when somebody needs to take care of at least a few teeth or needs one of these more expensive services (as for instance dental implants), it might be definitely beneficial.
How is it connected with holiday? In a pretty simple and obvious way. Even if you travel mostly to take care of teeth, it is highly unlikely that you will be spending the whole days in the dental clinic. Most of the dental procedures actually require a few days of breaks before particular dental “sessions”. Therefore, you will still have plenty of time to discover new city and country – .

In other words – you can take care of your teeth and having a proper holiday at the same time! Money you can save on dental services, you can spend on travel cost, accommodation and all cost regarding your holiday activities (as for example entry fees for museums). Thanks to that, you do not have to spend any additional money on your holiday. You will spend around the same as you would spend for the dental services in your more “expensive” country of origin. However, you will have not only healthy teeth, but also amazing holiday memories!

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