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Problems with teeth abroad?

Very often, while planning holidays, we do not think about possible illness and accidents at all. We just want to relax and spend some nice time together with our friends or family members. If you are travel within the European Union, if something happens to you and you need urgent medical help, most probably the National Health Insurance Agency of your country will refund you everything you have spent.

This is possible thanks to various agreement regarding medical services inside the European Union.
However, it is much more complicated and difficult when it comes to dental treatment abroad. Actually, it is quite difficult to indicate even general rules. Most of the countries inside of the European Union are able to refund only some of the dental services. And only on their own territory and for their own citizens. Other countries do no refund dental services practically at all. It is quite difficult to find any country in the European Union which refund and financially cover all type of dental services. Fact that it is so complicated even inside particular countries, makes it even more complicated when it comes to dental treatment abroad. Therefore, while going to a holiday, especially outside the European Union, it is always a good idea to buy some kind of health insurance for the period of our holiday, which will be valid in the country of destination. However, it is also a little bit more complicated even in that case. Most of the basic health insurance do not cover dental treatment abroad at all. It means that to make sure that we can take care of teeth if any emergency occurs, we should ask insurance company specifically for dental services.
dental treatment abroad
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Furthermore, there is another important issue regarding dental treatment abroad. How to choose a dental clinic? Very often, your insurance company will provide you the list of dentist in particular city with whom they cooperate. It will make it much easier for you. However, if your company does not have such list or due to any other reason you need to find a dentist by yourself, there are some basic rules you should remember. First of all, make sure that dental clinics take care of hygienic standards and all tools are disposable – .

You do not want to get any disease. Secondly, make sure that dentist knows exactly what is your problem. Sometimes it might be challenging due to language barrier. It is worth to try a clinic where staff speaks in your language. Foe example, int he United Kingdom there are plenty of dental clinics where you can speak Polish.

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